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On Writing – O is for Orson Welles – Lessons on How to Pull the Wool with Style

Art is a lie that makes us realise the truth One of my enduring passions in life – apart from the first three you’ve probably just thought of – is my love of the life and works of Orson Welles. … Continue reading

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On Writing – N is for Numbers (or how to deal with technical details)

I would like to let you into a little secret? Contrary to what people may think, my novel Painting by Numbers contains virtually no hard mathematics. Maths and the physical sciences are certainly eluded to, and there are plenty of … Continue reading

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On Writing – L is for Larry Kollar – An Interview With The Bestselling YA Fantasy Author

Today I am joined by the very talented Mr Larry Kollar, fantasy/thriller/short story scribbler, who is going to talk about the run away success of his YA fantasy novel, Accidental Sorcerers and what  makes a book a bestseller.  Good morning … Continue reading

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On Writing – E is for Edit, Edit, Edit again…and then Edit some more

If you read my post yesterday where I confessed to a magnificent obsession with drafting, then you’ll probably guess that I’m pretty much an editing junkie as well. Some writers express nothing but fear and loathing when it comes to … Continue reading

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