Review of Housewife with a Half-Life – by A.B.Wells

Meet Susan Strong, a bored-rigid stay-at-home mum, half- married to absentee husband Nigel, whose life is slowly disappearing beneath piles of unironed laundry, and soul-grinding daily rituals of washing, cleaning, school runs and relentless trips to the local supermarket. But Susan has a bigger problem. She is quite literally disappearing, and her slow fade from the fabric of existence has potentially catastrophic implications for the rest of humanity, the universe and  everything in it.

But then one morning, a leather-clad, kilt-wearing, time traveller hunk called Dave plops out of her shower (don’t ask) to declare himself her Fairly God Father. Fairly Dave, it would seem, has come from the furthest reaches of space to help her pull the threads of her life back together and save the universe from total destruction.

And so begins a fantastic interstellar road trip, that takes Susan and Dave on a series of wild and hilarious adventures, from weird and wonderful galaxies far far away to the memories, dreams and recollections of Susan’s world-weary and fragile mind.

A.B. Wells has carefully crafted a superb and inventive novel that is a joy to read from beginning to end. The book fizzes with energy and original ideas, soaring through time and space at breakneck speed. For those hoping for a classic sci fi romp you won’t be disappointed.  Housewife with a Half Life is a masterful epic that playfully signposts the great and the good of the genre including Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Dr Who, Bladerunner and Star Trek.

But Housewife is so much more than the parts of its sum. It is also a witty and acerbic satire on 21st Century womanhood. Think Bridget Jones on acid, or Dorothy- off to see the Wizard -about a divorce. And alongside a wealth of gloriously funny observations and comments on modern life, it delves into deeper philosophical thoughts and ideas about the ephemeral fragility and meaning of our existence. It is a testament to the writing talents of A.B. Wells that she has managed to seamlessly weave together and combine all of these various themes to create an unforgettable world that will make you laugh, cry, whoop with joy and encourage you to re-evaluate the pathways of your own existence.

Housewife with a Half Life is a poignant, poetic and beautifully written novel that explores the pain, regrets and sorrows of losing oneself to the needs and demands of others, and the slow drift away from a life once lived and loved. But it is also infused with a great love of language and a fearless lust for what really matters in life; our family, our friends, love for each other and above all, an uncompromised sense of self. And with all these things in place, we can aspire to be like super Susan  – a complete and valued human being.

5 Stars!!

Housewife with a Half-Life is available now in print and digital formats:                    paperback    e-book                      paperback    e-book

Now read my interview with the author here:


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6 Responses to Review of Housewife with a Half-Life – by A.B.Wells

  1. Helen Howell says:

    That was a fabulous review Tom and now you’ve made me want to read this book. ^__^

  2. Icy Sedgwick says:

    I downloaded a copy and now I can’t wait to read it!

  3. Rebecca Emin says:

    A great review of a great book!

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