Painting by Numbers

Day after day, Jacob Boyce – faltering academic and failing husband – visits a 17th century allegorical painting which hangs in a Glasgow art gallery. By using a series of measurements and calculations, he attempts to create a mathematical theory that will decipher the code locked into its canvas.

As more of the painting’s hidden secrets are revealed, and he meets a mysterious young woman, Jacob’s life spirals into chaos.

The object of his obsession has begun to move.

Painting by Numbers is a dark, surreal thriller that follows one man’s relentless pursuit into an old truth buried deep within.

The People’s Book Prize -FINALIST

Praise for Painting by Numbers

“An accomplished debut … beautifully written, fascinating, literary thriller.” – The Kindle Book Review

“Brilliant, gripping thriller” - Beeshon Reviews

“Kafkaesque intrigue” –  e-thriller Reviews

“When they coined the phrase ‘ This book is a real page turner’, they were taking about ‘Painting By Numbers.”  – Book Shelf Review

“Original and complex” - C.Baron

It may be weird, but it’s my kind of weird. A great book, and well worth a read.”  – Calum Kerr , Director of National Flash Fiction Day

” I couldn’t put it down.”  – Minxemoo Reviews

“Simply Stunning.” – Frances Di Plino, bestselling author

“I was completely fascinated.” – The ebook Review


Published by Crooked Cat books and available from all good online bookstores

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