On Writing – W is for Why? ( and other random acts of stupidity)

A couple of days ago, someone asked me (for the umpteenth time), “why do you write?” .. and instead of falling into the my usual hole of psychobabble, I said, “I’ve absolutely no idea and  I’d be as well sticking a pin in a dictionary to find out.”

So for my post today, that’s exactly what I’ve done.. I opened up my OED, and stopping on each letter of the alphabet, I stuck a pin in a random page until I hit a verb.. And here are my answers.

I write …

to amplify

to behead

to conceal

to defy

to flutter

to gain

to hesitate

to implode

to jest

to kill

to lick

to milk

to neglect

to obey

to play

to quash

to reply

to slurp

to test

to usurp

to vibrate

to wash

to x-ray

to zone-out

Now it’s your turn to find out why you write………………….and no cheating!!


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10 Responses to On Writing – W is for Why? ( and other random acts of stupidity)

  1. ganymeder says:

    I’m not going to do all the letters because I don’t have time, but I’ll do three. I write because I FIT, I DIVEST, and I HAMMER.

    Uh, yup.

  2. You make it sound as if I have choice, Tom. I write because I have to.

  3. Helen Howell says:

    I also write because I have to. It’s an expression of the creativity that exists within me. I often think I’ll give up writing, but then I just have to write one more story and so it keeps keeping on.

  4. Scotti Cohn says:

    I have been writing fiction since early childhood, and I was downright prolific in high school. Perhaps I got a lot of it out of my system? Oddly (to me), all of my published books are nonfiction. I don’t write much these days. I spend a lot of time promoting what I’ve already written. I seem to be expressing my creativity in other ways — for example, by making jewelry.

  5. I’m sorry to be boring but I write because I have to and having got started, been published, both of us have to carry on. It is as if we couldn’t bear to be two-hit wonders!

  6. Patricia H. says:

    How fun! Tom. I think you write because you love words and love communicating your thoughts. It is that simple. Some are given certain virtues – speech – which includes singing, public speaking etc; others are given writing – which is the same thing as speaking but one gets a chance to take it all back and is more discerning. All quite simple.

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